by Kelly McCracken Barnhill

We call it “brain fog.” But, it has a scientific basis that us described as pre-syncope, hypovalemia, cerebral blood velocity, instability  or postural tachycardia. Or, if you fade out as the day goes on, experience periodic mental confusion, periodic rushed thoughts, etc.

Imagine writing an essay in each of these situations:

  • You just crossed the finish line in a marathon
  • You just lost 1/3 of your blood
  • You’re about to faint
  • You’re in the middle of the flu
  • You’re a passenger in an economy car driving down a cobblestone road
  • You’re in the process of running a marathon
  • You just finished running a marathon while having the flu, lost 1/3 of your blood, are riding in an economy car driving down a cobblestone street AND are about to faint.

Excerpt taken from POTS and Other Acquired Dysautonomia in Children and Adolescents