By Jessica Cave

In 2008, my mom and I were in bad car accident. After that, I started to have trouble with my heart racing, severe headaches, dizziness, and fainting.  At first, the doctors said it was anxiety and stress. They told me just To relax, and things would get better. Finally three years later my primary doctor thought I had some form of dysautonomia. I then went to see a neurologist who agreed and sent me to MayoClinic in Rochester. After a week of testing, they confirmed that I had POTS.

I tried working for awhile as a Bagger in a grocery store. I missed a lot of work due to fatigue and migraines, and when I did go to work, I would faint. One day after I fainted my boss told me to go home and not come back until I could come to work and not faint. Needless to say, I haven’t worked since that day.  I now am on Social Security disability.

I still am always tired, my heart still races, I faint frequently, and cannot walk more than 150-175 feet without fainting, so I use a scooter to go anywhere that involves a lot of walking. Lastly, it seems as if I never have enough spoons to make it through the week.

Most of my friends have drifted away except those few who have stood by and supported me on this journey. It is because of this unconditional support from my family and friends that I Am a WARRIOR, and why I do not let dysautonomia keep me from living my life.