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We are rebuilding the DAF website to bring more information, tools and inspiration to the autonomic disorders community.

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Dysautonomia Advocacy Foundation works to heighten public awareness about all forms of dysautonomias, offers public support for those affected using our social media platforms and elicits financial support and resources to discover possible treatments tailored to the individual patient with this disorder, which will lead to further studies aimed at finding a cure.  

The MUSC Project

Dysautonomia Advocacy Foundation is working to establish a permanent Research Chair of Autonomic Disorders in the Division of Cardiology at the Medical University of South Carolina, a critical first step in seeding dysautonomia research and education in medical schools nationwide. 


Team DAF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, working to help fund projects and people who will bring dysautonomia into the light of mainstream medicine. Your donation will help finance projects aimed at driving research, faster diagnosis and access to care. 

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