About Team DAF

We are Not Rare

Who is Team DAF

Dysautonomia Advocacy Foundation was founded in 2014 with the mission to reduce the statistical average of 5 years to diagnose a patient with dysautonomias down to an office visit by implementing integrative research. This research will result in awareness and targeted treatments for those diagnosed with dysautonomias. 

Dysautonomia Awareness

As a 501(C)(3) nonprofit based in Charleston, S.C., Team DAF has built an open forum that  encourages those who suffer from the symptoms characteristic of dysautonomia to share their experience with their illness, leading to a higher individual and detailed community understanding. 


Millions in the U.S. are afflicted with a dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system. These disorders  can come on suddenly due to trauma, illness, or be congenital due to genetics. 

We Are Rarely Known

Though dysautonomias afflict all ages, ethnicities, races and geographies, they are difficult to diagnose. These illnesses are sophisticated and not well understood in the medical community. Diagnostic criteria remain limited, and the incidence of the various forms is not known. 

These realities contribute to a lack of focused sophistication within the medical community, making it difficult for many patients to find adequate care or even validation. 

Team DAF is Leading the Way

How? DAF generates awareness about dysautonomias, funds projects that drive more research and understanding, and develops avenues that lead to the reduction in time to reach a diagnosis, which created greater access to care.  

Your donation will help give hope to someone living with dysautonomia.