Research Chair of Autonomic Disorders at MUSC

Power Through Knowledge

Dysautonomia Advocacy Foundation is working to establish a permanent Research Chair of Autonomic Disorders in the Division of Cardiology at the Medical University of South Carolina, a critical first step in seeding dysautonomia research and education in medical schools nationwide.   

What are Dysautonomias/Autonomic Disorders?

Dysautonomias are any number of conditions that affect how the autonomic nervous system works. These are the functions your body performs without conscious thought - breathing, heartbeat, temperature, digestion and more. Millions of people in the US suffer from some form of autonomic disorder, and the average time it takes to get an accurate diagnosis is 5 years.  

Creating the Model

By establishing a clinic and laboratory devoted to diseases of the autonomic nervous system, MUSC will not only be able to recruit individuals with experience in this specific discipline, but it will also provide support for training, research, and educating medical students and nurses about the disease process of dysautonomias. This single model can be then be duplicated in medical colleges throughout the country, and help speed diagnoses.  

Your donation will help us get closer to this goal and give hope to someone living with an autonomic disorder.